Klaus Bucka-Lassen, ist co-founder of aragost Trifork ag und member of the Flowdays cooperative

Klaus has been working as an independent coach and trainer since 2010.

After finishing his master degree in Computer Science at the University of Aarhus in Denmark in 1996, he worked as software & product developer, architect, project manager, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer and coach for companies in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia, England, and the USA

Ever since he learnt about rapid prototyping back in 1991, he has been a strong advocate for iterative processes that deliver fast an early feedback.

He has supported the Agile Manifesto enthusiastically since he discovered it in 2001.

His real passion is Scrum. Besides being a certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Product Owner (CSPO), and Professional (CSP) he has been co-training certification classes with Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum, and other CSTs (Certified Scrum Trainers) regularily.

Klaus has helped major companies from the banking, pharma, telecommunication, IT, and manufacturing sectors in becoming more agile.

In 2013 he co-founded the Swiss Agile Leaders Circle (SALC), an organization focused on agile leadership. Since 2014 Klaus organizes the Agile Unconference in Zürich every year together with his colleagues from the SALC.

Klaus is known and respected for being an honest and direct communicator and has indepth understanding of what drives people at all levels of an organization.

Innovative out-of-the-box thinking is his trademark. A further strength is motivating people for what he believes in.

Even at home Klaus is using Scrum as a tool to motivate his twins in doing their daily chores.

When speaking with Klaus be prepared to get a lot of "Why's" - Klaus is convinced that this is one of the most powerful words and that we ask ourselves to rarely this exact question - WHY?

When not spending time on the job or with his family, Klaus flies planes, rides motorcycles, goes skiing, plays golf and does adventurous trips around the world. His formula 3 license unfortunately expired a long time ago.

Klaus Bucka-Lassen
Agile Executive Coach & Trainer

+41 79 202 59 46

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