I work with people, teams and organizations to develop new and holistic forms of collaboration.

Silvia Hagen is founder of Sunny Connection AG and founding member of Flowdays

Silvia Silvia Hagen always preferred a pragmatical approach. She chose a commercial education over University and after a short excursion in the marketing area she made her hobby to her profession and managed an international recording studio for six years. 1990 she made the change to IT, 1997 she wrote her first book on TCP/IP troubleshooting, in 2001 the reference book on IPv6 for O’Reilly, “IPv6 Essentials”. Since more than 15 years she successfully runs her consulting and education company Sunny Connection AG and consults medium sized and large enterprises for the introduction of IPv6 and offers network- and application performance analysis.

Since more than five years she engages in the agile community and integrates this mindset into her projects. She coaches for cultural transformation and is a founding member of flowdays. She brings her many years of experience in working with large organizations and complex projects and her education in systemic organizational development to the table.

Expertise and a good understanding of agile processes alone is not sufficient to implement business agility successfully. The challenges are the soft factors, the culture, the people and how they deal with each other.

Silvia is also the president of the Swiss IPv6 Council, which is a non-profit platform to support the integration of IPv6 in Switzerland. With this work she has substantially contributed to the fact that Switzerland, with 30% IPv6 user adoption is among the top 5 countries worldwide. She is also interested in philosophy, psychology and new science and loves people who think out of the box.

Silvia is highly valued by our customers due to her interdisciplinary knowledge and intgral perspective. She grasps complex situations quickly and brings her wit and enthusiasm to every project. 

Silvia Hagen
Organizational Coach &
IPv6 Consultant

+41 79 403 32 09