Christoph Lukas, is co-founder of pingworks and a founding member of flowdays Cooperative

Christoph works as an independent agile and systemic coach and process consultant. The main focus of his work lies in the coaching of agile teams and managers, and in guiding companies through the processes of transition.

Since 2015 Christoph has concentrated on work with executives, since it is they who have the deciding role in launching an organisation on the path to agility. Together with Alexander and Ute, he provides advanced training, mentoring, and coaching to support managers in their acquisition and application of the principles of agile leadership.

In training activities Christoph is able to draw on ten years of experience working with agile teams and managers in the roles of coach, Scrum Master, and developer.

As a former software developer, Christoph has the benefit of personal experience of working agile in a team setting, and of the highs and lows that go with it. Central themes of his approach are DevOps culture and continuous delivery.

Christoph Lukas
Agile Leadership Coach,
Systemic Coach

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