Thanks to the Conference in Kiev Pete Behrens und Philipp Engstler get in touch. There shared enthusiasm for agile leadership led one to the other, so that Pete agreed to have a speech with Philipp at this year's Agile Leadership Day in Zurich. Find in this blog post the slides of the presentations from Pete and Philipp.

Pete, CST and board member of gave a keynote at this year's Agile Leadership Day in Zurich. One of the key messages of his speech was that transforming into an agile organization can only be successful if the change includes Leadership too.

the culture is just the shadow of the behavior of humans in an organisation
— Pete Behrens

Philip was one of the first, that succeeded to capture this shadow and to visualize at Swisscom Directories AG. Only then he succeeded to show the current state of culture and to compensate and protect its own values in the forthcoming merge with adequately. This success story has still affect the operation at new "local search" and continuously a new shadow is recaptured.