Rainer Grau as a complexity dancer, humanist and realist facilitates professionals and companies to master their individual journey towards their inspiring vision by their own strength. 

Since over twenty years, he engages to develop companies into lean, agile and focused organizations creating value for their customers. His mindset is based on principles coming from lean startup, business agility approaches and frameworks, beyond budgeting and lean leadership. Working with many different companies as part of the organization as well as external consultant he collected many experiences in different domains. Examples of his journey are the transformation of the largest e-commerce company in Switzerland Digitec Galaxus into a lean organization from CEO to shop floor, acting as partner and distinguished lean/agile consultant at Zühlke AG, developing and running lectures on universities of applied science in agility and digitalization or the foundation of the Swiss Agile Leadership Circles.

Beside his professional life Rainer Grau loves to spend time with his family, in sports and reading the newest novels of T.C. Boyle and Haruki Murakami. 

What I like about flowdays:
I see flowdays as the first sound prototype of a value generating network that will replace old company structures in the near future. Experts with multifaceted background, with complementing knowledge and experience engage for customers based on shared values. Customers are esteemed as partners.

We as flowdays experts enable our partners to develop their organizations as well towards customer orientation and value generation; into organizations where employees are motivated and engaged receiving acceptance and recognition.

Flowdays invests intensively in mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences, consequently following the network idea, with all partners in this network. This new network approach is an exciting experiment and pioneering. I am highly motivated to have the chance participating and developing this promising experiment.

Rainer Grau
Komplexdenker, Humanist, Realist

+41 79 400 46 73



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