Philipp Stalder is breathing digital issues since the end of the 90ies.

Philipp's focus is on supporting agile projects in a scalable multi-team setup. Philipp focuses on coaching agile teams in IT and business in agile product development, agile organizational development, Scrum, Kanban, LeSS and the design of these tools in a company.

Philipp's further experience includes business process management, business process digitization, business analysis, requirements engineering and customer centric design.

What I like about flowdays:
The collaboration model. Together with peers, it makes it possible to approach projects at eye level with customers. Optimal conditions are created to provide customers with exactly the competencies and teams that give their projects the best chances of success. The basis for this is the exchange and contribution of knowledge, experience and skills to the cooperative. And it is simply fun to be part of such a network and to grow together.

Philipp Stalder
Agile Coach, Business Engineer, System Thinker, Lean Thinker
+41 76 573 82 77



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