Peter Binetsch works as an international business trainer and coach in all areas where the collaboration of specialists is required.

He asks the right questions in the right moment, so you can do the next important step in your business or career.

As a professional musician he already practiced total agility. While working as a software engineer for years, he intensified his knowledge to act in a structured and thoughtful way.

A big eye-opener was the intensive study of Spiral Dynamics integral, a theory of the evolutionary development of values. How people cooperate and live together depends on the frame of their thinking and feeling. 

As a Master in Business Coaching with uncountable further studies he has accompanied change processes for leaders, teams and organisations since more then 12 years constantly empathic-provocative, agile-structured and honest-humorous. 

What connects me with flowdays:

The shared fascination about agile collaboration and the energetic and enthusiastic flowdays members.

Peter Binetsch
Systemic Coach & Trainer
+41 76 559 57 78



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