Agility is hyped currently and in the meantime there are even agile contracts in place. However, all processes before it are still from the last century (RfI> RfP> LoI) and neither agile nor lean.

Lean-Agile Procurement is a disruptive, even radical approach. It's the first pure agile approach for procurement and is based on agile principles while focusing on business value and all people involved. As a result, procurement is shortened to days instead of months, the real customer needs are evaluated, and the risks of choosing the wrong partner are minimized.

In this workshop the, participants learn about the principles and tools of lean-agile Procurement in applied hands-on sessions. You can also bring your own themes.

At the end of the training, the participants are able to transfer these inputs to there own company with concrete initial steps for their own context.


  • Profitiere auch im Nachgang zum Training von der Community rund um das lean-agile Procurement.

  • Concepts and principles of procurement in an agile context.

  • An insight into the fact why company culture is a key factor in sourcing of agile teams.

  • Experience a hands-on introduction in the Lean Procurement Canvas, as the central tool of lean-agile Procurement gradually develops into an agile contract.

  • Get to know the required roles and ceremonies of lean-agile Procurement and go through the agile process starting with the company's strategy, over to the customer needs will lead you to the possible solutions and finally the decision.

  • Recognize how the role of today's purchasers through Agile changes to the positive and new opportunities arise.

  • Learn from the experiences of the trainers, but also the other participants and tailor your implementation to start with lean-agile procurement  the next day in your own company.

  • Get part of the  lean-agile Procurement Community as a follow-up to the training program and continuously get challenged.

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