As enterprise agile coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker is Mia Kolmodin a known expert in product discovery via lean UX, leadership and organization design.

I’m passionate about helping teams and organizations to grow their skills and abilities to create customer centric solutions. The joy of seeing the light in the eyes of people when they get that ”aha!” and they start being able to find new ways of working together, that’s what motivates me to learn and grow as an Agile coach, mentor and trainer.

One of my other passions is to build companies, brands, products and teams as a platform for more and better collaboration. So besides coaching, mentoring and training I’m also running the Swedish start up Agile Coaching company called Dandy People, with many big Swedish companies as clients. I’m also one of the founders of witch is a information hub about how to do agile procurement wich is starting to spread in Sweden partly thanks to our free information and conferences.

What connects me to flowdays:
Flowdays share my values and passion to help others to become the best they can be. And just as myself they also believe that we need to share our learnings and help eachother on this journey of constant evolution. Not to mention the have Swiss cheese on the trainings and they’re cool guys to hang out with

Mia Kolmodin
Enterprise Agile Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker. PM, PO, Lean UX, Innovation, Leadership and Organization Design.
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