Bill Joiner, Author, President & Consultant at ChangeWise.

Bill is lead author of the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, and is a sought-after international thought leader on the subject of agile leadership. Over the past six years, he has taken time out from his consulting work to provide over 60 keynotes, presentations, webinars, and radio interviews on Leadership Agility for corporations, universities, and a number of local and international Agile conferences.

Bill has a gift for taking leading-edge ideas and research, and making them practical and easy for managers to grasp and apply. The subject matter he presents is unique, focusing the discernable stages by which leaders increase their agility in leading organizational change, leading teams, and navigating pivotal conversations. 

Bill Joiner has over 35 years of experience as a leadership and organization development consultant, completing successful projects with companies based in the US, Canada, and Europe. He is president of ChangeWise, a consulting firm that partners with senior leaders to create agile leadership teams, implement organizational change (including Agile), and transform leadership culture. ChangeWise also provides workshops and action learning programs that enhance agile leadership.

Bill co-designed the Leadership Agility 360, a next-generation online feedback and development tool, with Cambria Consulting. His most recent publications are “Leadership Agility: A Global Imperative,” “Creating a Culture of Agile Leaders,” and “Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile.”  He earned his BA and MBA at Southern Methodist University and his Doctorate in Organization Development at Harvard.

The better-known organizations Bill has worked with include Adobe, Aetna, Amgen, Bell Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Corning, Deutsche Telekom, Digitas, EMC, Fidelity, Harvard Business School, IBM, Intel, McKinsey, MIT, Novartis, PepsiCo, Polaroid, Royal Canadian Mint, Pfizer, Progress Software, Siemens, State Street, Sun Microsystems, T. Rowe Price, Travelers, and various US and Canadian federal agencies.

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