Scrum Powder Week

Skiing, Advanced Scrum and a lot of fun.

Meet and network with like-minded people and agile thought leaders from all over the world.

Why would you want to waste a perfect skiing day in a conference room? And why spend a miserable day out on the slopes? Wouldn't you rather be outside when the conditions say skiing, and inside learning advanced Scrum topics โ€“ from one of the best agile trainers in the world โ€“ when skiing wouldnโ€™t be fun anyway?

The Agile approach to weather. A whole new concept in response to mankind's dismal weather forecasting record. In our stand-up each morning we'll decide whether to go skiing, if the weather is right, or whether to do one of the two Advanced Scrum training days.

Family is important, so Henrik is bringing his family along for exactly that reason. So is Klaus, agile coach and organizer of this event.

Fragen? Wir helfen Ihnen gern! - Wir helfen Ihnen gerne. Egal, ob sie ein Hotel in der Nรคhe der Kurslocation suchen oder allgemeine Fragen haben. 

Wir offerieren auch Firmentrainings.