Turning an company truly "agile" is challenging. Before you can take on this challenge, you'll need to become "agile" yourself.  

In this workshop, you will learn how to...

– shift your mindset from waterfall to agile work principles

– kickstart your professional effectiveness

– begin the journey to transform your organisation.

Meet your Coaches

Pete has been transforming companies into agile powerhouses for over 15 years. He's helped, GE Healthcare and McKinsey to understand and implement the great vision of true agility. What's more, Pete actively shapes the standards of the ScrumAlliance® in the board of directors.

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Philipp specialises in continuous organisational development. He's the founder of Flowdays. Before he decided to make organizations a better place, he was the CTO of the largest Swiss auction platform, Philipp holds multiple degrees in information management.

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Why this workshop is right for you


Interactive & applied
We won't use a PowerPoint presentation once. Instead, we will bring theory to life with the help of verbal examples, drawings and a lot (!) of sticky  notes. In the world of digital streamlining, the magic still happens when a top-level participant verbally recounts his struggles with getting his team on board with a project.


This workshop is the distillate of years working as and with leaders from the most sucessful companies in the world. When you walk away from this workshop, you'll own the tools to begin transforming your organisational culture and sparking your staff's connected thinking.


Based on proven models
Advice can only do so much if it's merely induced from theory.  In this workshop, you'll  practice models for analysis and application that have been tried & tested that you can use to detect bottlenecks and enable change on your company's journey to agility.


What's happening in the workshop

Day 1: Becoming an agile leader (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

Explore the historical development of leadership. Understand how the current economics drive the need for agility &  practice decision strategies to positively impact your professional life. 

Why everyone talks about Agility
 Take a historical tour of management styles &  see the  industry trends impacting our need for innovation, speed and transformation. 

What your Leadership Maturity tells you
A key step towards agility is self-awareness. Discover the mindset and behaviors of expert, achiever and catalyst leaders and how those impact organizational effectiveness. We will use the leadership maturity model to inspect at which stage you can increase creativity and agility.

How you can positively impact outcomes 
Delve into into the fundaments of brain research to learn how leaders improve outcomes through cognitive responses. Practice a 5-step catalyst approach to positively impact every aspect of our work (and personal) life.


      Day 2: Leading the agile Organization (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

      Diagnose your company culture
      Examine the Competing Values Framework, and organizational culture diagnostic, to better understand organizational values and their impact on change and agility. Sharpen the awareness of your influence on the health of your company. 

      Understand the real  complexity of change
      Walk through 3  change models that help you pinpoint the "flexibility pains" of your company. We explore organisational areas that typically cause change issues and model a future organisation as an adaptive system. This enables you to guide change that sticks. 

      Share & learn from others' struggle
      Evaluate case studies of real organisations  applying agile structures and patterns to drive effective and sustaining change. Reflect and share participant leaders' organisational cultures in comparison to these case studies. Practice a 5-step organizational change model to guide healthy, engaged and sustained change needed in our organizations

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      3. October and 4. October 2017


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      Regular Price: 2500.- CHF
      Early Bird & SwissICT Members: 2200.- CHF
      Workshop prices are per attendee and excl. Vat (MwSt),

      quote man.jpg
      This wasn’t training, it was an experience. We were never taught at, we were engaged in a learning experience in which we all participated and contributed. I have never been so engaged for two and a half days.
      — Sohrab Salimi, CIO of se-co.d

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      Whom you will sit next to in the workshop

      We have run this workshop all over the world with leaders from various sectors and organizational departments. We as coaches aim to bring together experienced leader from different contexts so that you can...

      – share your best practices

      – take away transfer knowledge and

      – apply new techniques in previously unknown company realms

      Together, we will grow into coaching leaders instead of managing decision makers.  

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