Continuous Delivery using Docker and Kubernetes

Containervirtualization is revolutionizing software delivery: New application instances are available within seconds. Application modules and services can be separated easily. But container virtualization also comes with a whole stack of new principles and technologies. In this training you will learn how to manage your containers from the ground up and how to use all their benefits in Continuos Delivery Pipelines.


Day 1: Container Orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes

  • Container Virtualization vs. Classic Virtualization - What's the difference?

  • Docker Basics - Images and Containers

  • Containerlifecycle - Build, Deploy, Remove

  • Docker in Production: Monitoring and Logging

  • Rkt as Docker altenative

  • Container Orchestration - Why?

  • Orchestration Tools Overview: Docker Swarm, Mesos/DCOS, Rancher, Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes Basics - Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments and Services

  • Kubernetes - Installation and Setup

  • Kubernetes - Application Deployment, Monitoring and Debugging

Day 2: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Kubernetes

  • Continuous Delivery - Concepts and Principles

  • Setting up a CD Pipeline using Jenkins 2.x

  • Build, Unittesting and Packaging as Docker Artifact Containers

  • Managing Artifact Containers using a local Docker Registry

  • Kubernetes Deployment of Artifcat Containers

  • Automated Acceptance Testing of deployed applications

  • Kubernetes in Production - Maintaining Security Updates


  • Basic commandline knowledge.

  • Some experience with continuous integration and jenkins.


  • From Zero to Docker + Kubernetes in two days!

  • Understanding Container Virtualization, Container Orchestration and Continuous Delivery

  • Learning all the tools and practices which are required to build up Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker and Kubernetes from the ground up.

  • Sharing real life Experiences and Best Practices.

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