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You need to be strategically creative for staying competitive.

It's one thing to have great ideas. Channeling these into great product is a whole different story.   

After this workshop, you will know how to...

  • exactly identify the pain points that hinder your business growth

  • generate & validate great ideas for your business

  • plan & initiate the next steps for implementing your ideas.

Meet your coaches


Mia has been coaching large-scale enterprises for such a long time that one thing she knows for sure: Economies and cultures change but if you don't take action, your company stays all the same.   


What you take away from this workshop

Day 1: Get in touch with agile innovation (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

Why everyone talks about agile innovation
Design Thinking, Lean UX, SCRUM – these words are everywhere. Learn why these concepts are the best helpers in becoming a great innovator.

How you discover opportunities for innovation
Internalise the different levels on which innovation can take place and choose the right one for your endeavour.

What the real beauty of team work is
Practice the advantages of different team competences: Throughout the whole workshop, you will be working in an interdisciplinary team.

Day 2: Turn a problem into a new product (8:30AM - 5:00PM)

Set the goal, start prototyping
Start off by generating ideas around the particular pain points you outlined before. Use tried & tested ideation & exploration techniques by the most innovative companies.

Understand your customer
Map & sequence your customers' activities and their journey across your product's lifecycle. Learn new techniques for customer research and its visualization.

Build, test, repeat
With the minimum viable product at hand, you learn how to validate hypotheses and build a release plan for the upcoming product development time. 

Key Info

This training is for those who today work with or are interested in digital product development. You don't need to come from a particular discipline as the background of our participants is very broad: 

Product Managers / Product Owners
Business Developers & Strategists
Information Architects
(UX-) Designers
Agile Coaches


Regular Price: 2240.- CHF
Early Bird & SwissICT Members: 1940.- CHF
Workshop prices are per attendee and excl. Vat (MwSt),

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