What do you mean by 'Agile' and what makes an agile organized company / department / team? What should be taken if one is agile or teams working together that are already agile?

This course allows you to experience the foundation of Agile:

  • Values & Principles in agile environments

  • Continuous delivery of business value

  • Empowered Teams

  • Basics of Self-Organization

The training is structured agile, so focus of the training can also be determined and set by the participants.


Participants of this training understand what 'Agile' is and what it brings at the end of the day. The trainers enrich the training with practical examples and there own leadership experience.


Interest and curiosity about the topic agile organizations. Otherwise, no previous knowledge is required, and the training is intended for an interdisciplinary audience of Management, Innovation, Business, Delivery, Support Units, etc.

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