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Exchange about experiences in Scaling Agile and especially execution of Big Room Planning with other practitioners. Real experience, good Atmosphare, concrete Resultats.

Planing is a Team-Sport. Working as a Team is a central Element of agile Culture and Technics. Teams resolve complex Challenges and create extraordinary Resultats. In Scrum the Sprint-Planing is returning Ritual for the whole Scrum-Team. Big Room Planning extends this and scales up the content, the trough-put time and the amount of persons involved. Therefor we profit from the advantages of classic big group moderation technics such as the diversity of knowledge, experiences of the participants. That leads to more transparency, creativity and  bottom-up Resultats.

The  Scaling Agile Dojo is a structured Event with an open Space. Practitioners, Experts and new be's meet for exchanging experiences following the Principle "Give and Take". Questions, open issues, Problems will be solved together.  The content is set by the participants, so by you!

Concrete Resultat: The outcome will be collected and to all participants provided. So that you could use them in your own Big Room Planning. 

The potential topics will be collected here in advance: tricider.com

Details and Registration via SwissICT.
Entry CHF 80.- for swissICT Members · CHF 140.- for all others  (aprox. EUR 130.-,  meetup doesn't know CHF). 

Join us for free with a Lightning-Talk. Pitch via Meet-Up or to @ScalingAgileDjo

Declining before 7 days before the event is possible.


17:30 · Opening 

18:15 · Start

18:30 · 5 x 5 Minuts Lightning Talk (Swisscom, Skyguide, ...) 

19:00 · Give & Take Exchange 

20:30 · Apéro Riche 

21:30 · End

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Last registration until: Do, 31.03.2016, 12:00 (CEST)

See you there!

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