Agile Leadership Workshop with Pete Behrens, CAL Credential Level 1


Agile Leadership WorkshopIncreasing complexity, uncertainty and the pace of change are driving the need for increasing leadership creativity and adaptability.

Agile Leadership Workshop


Focus of Learning

Leaders substantially influence an organization’s agility and effectiveness. Increasing leadership awareness and competency in their own agility as well as their competency in aligning and empowering organizational agility is challenging. This workshop provides the AHA! leaders need to first increase their own personal awareness and to kickstart their journey to improved performance.

This Certified Agile Leadership Workshop is an interactive leadership-focused workshop building skills and competencies to effectively guide and grow agile leaders, coaches and their organizations. This workshop is a pragmatic application of theory and provides concrete models, tools and techniques for leaders to employ directly in their own thinking, their own behaviors, and within their organizations.


Participants will be taken through a comprehensive view of Agile Leadership - first from the leader's personal perspective in how agility impacts their thinking and behavior, then from an organizational perspective in how they can effectively align, guide and scale their organization's agility.

The Agile Leadership Compass will provide guidance for participants both during the workshop and as an aid in their practice following the workshop. See the full list of Learning Objectives of the Agile Leadership Workshop

Participant Profile

The workshop is designed for mixing experienced organizational leaders and experienced enterprise agile coaches in a way that draws upon each strength and caters to each of their needs for growth. By combining both in a single workshop, participants engage with each other to learn the strengths of the others - growing both leaders and coaches.

Organizational Leaders include senior executives, vice presidents, directors, middle management, and process and program-level leaders.

Workshop Experience

The workshop is designed for mixing experienced leaders and experienced coaches in a way that draws upon each strength and caters to each of their needs for growth. By combining both in a single workshop, participants engage with each other to learn the strengths of the others - growing both leaders and coaches.

As described by participants of this workshop...

"This wasn't training, it was an experience. We were never taught at, we were engaged in a learning experience in which we both participated and contributed. I have never been so engaged for two and a half days."



  • Context for Agility - Participants take a historical tour of management styles and industry trends driving the need for increased creativity and agility.
  • Leadership Agility Maturity  - Participants explore and self-assess their leadership maturity and its relation to increased creativity and agility for improved outcomes.
  • Neuroscience of Leadership - Participants delve into the fundaments of brain research from threats on status, autonomy, fairness and change and how leaders can improve outcomes through cognitive responses.
  • Catalyst Conversations - Participants learn and practice a simple 5-step technique to reduce threats, increase creative outcomes, and empower others in any conversation, team meeting or organizational initiative.
  • Organizational Culture - Participants examine the Competing Values Framework, and organizational culture diagnostic, to better understand organizational values and their impact on change and agility.
  • Organizational Change - Participants walk through 3 interconnected change models to better understand the organization as a complex adaptive system and how to guide change that sticks.
  • Organizational Case Studies - Participants explore course-led and participant shared case studies to evaluate governance, metrics, and structures which impede or strengthen organizational agility.

Workshop Agenda


Explore the historical context of human development and leadership as well as the current economics driving the need for agility. Introduce the Leadership Agility Maturity Model to increase self-awareness and discover more agile thinking, decisions and behaviors. Discover the mindset and behaviors of expert, achiever and catalyst leaders and how those impact organizational effectiveness. Practice a 5-step catalyst approach to positively impact every aspect of our work (and personal) life.


Re-focus the leader towards the organization and its effectiveness of delivery customer value. Explore organizational culture, structures and processes to foster value delivery and agility. Understand a leaders’ focus and influence on the health and culture of an organization and its impact on their long-term performance.

Evaluate case studies of real organizations of different organizational cultures applying agile structures and patterns to drive effective and sustaining change with positive results. Reflect and share leader’s organizational cultures and structures in comparison to these case studies. Practice a 5-step organizational change model to guide healthy, engaged and sustained change needed in our organizations.


Tuesday & Wednesday, October 3-4, 2017

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The workshop will be held in english.


IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen, startup space, Wiesenstrasse 5, 8952 Schlieren: 



Regular Price: 2500.- CHF

Early Bird & SwissICT Members: 2200.- CHF

Workshop prices are per attendee and excl. Vat (MwSt),

-------------------- About Pete Behrens--------------------------

Pete Behrens, Trail Ridge Consulting, LLC

Organizer of Certified Agile Leadership

Pete Behrens is a leadership and organizational agility coach guiding enterprise agile transformations for over 15 years. Through his unique "inside-out" approach to agile transformation, Pete guides organizational leaders in assessing, integrating and transforming their organizations through agile leadership maturity, cultural alignment and organizational agility. His work has been instrumental in some of the most successful agile transformations including, GE Healthcare and McKinsey & Company IT.

In addition to leading client agility, Pete has been actively engaged in developing the agile community through certification programs for coaches and leaders, and as a board of directors for the Scrum Alliance.

  • Pete led the formation of the Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaching (CEC) program and the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile) Enterprise Agile Coaching program.
  • Pete led the formation of the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Program of the Scrum Alliance.
  • Pete is on the board of directors of the Scrum Alliance guiding strategy and direction.


Pete is the President of Trail Ridge Consulting, LLC - your difference between "DOING" Scrum and "BEING" agile. Learn more at

The Agile Leadership Journey, by Trail Ridge, is the leader's guide to developing agile leadership awareness, understanding and competency.

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